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Meet the Team

Committed to the Cause

Artsolute believes in collaboration and that the best results are created when different expertise come together. Likewise, Artsolute works together with artists, educators, organisations, freelancers, professionals and volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, to create programmes and opportunities that are impactful and sustainable.


Our core team of professionals and advisors help to form the backbone of Artsolute. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop.


Read on to learn more about some of the incredible people who form the platform of Artsolute.

Terence Tan

Founder and Company Director

After completing his Masters researching about the development of young artists in Singapore (NUS) and producing mid-scaled theatre productions for several years, Terence Tan established the non-profit agency Artsolute to develop art and creativity for social development. First starting with communities with needs in Singapore, he then brought the company’s attention to Southeast Asia as relations between ASEAN’s member states became more relevant.


He continues to develop focus groups and collaborations for the community, health, and youth arts, and has begun forming associations and goals for the international puppeteers’ community as well. His work includes producing theatre shows, festivals, elder-welfare programmes, youth camps, and enabling cultural communications in Southeast Asia.

With Artsolute he is focused on furthering the art of creativity as a means to community development. He also works closely with the ASEAN Foundation to spearhead social art collaborations across Southeast Asia, and is now working with the international puppetry association UNIMA to develop international collaborations and relations among artists of the world.


Giorgia Madonno

Advisory Board

Giorgia Madonno is Italian by origins and has been living in Asia since 2008. She has inherited from her family and home country the touch for art and she did formal painting studies in Singapore.

She likes to play with different combinations of acrylic painting and mixed media such as gesso, cardboard, rope, raw canvas pieces. Her acrylics are bold and intense in colours and strokes and express the power of emotions. She also collects stories of people and places during her travels by sketching with ink pen and watercolours. Her paintings have been sold across four continents (Europe, Asia Oceania and Latin America). They have been exhibited at MY ART SPACE  in 2017  at the TAIWAN storyteller “arts and culture” international exchange art exhibition and in 2016  at the  “Beauty of Nature Charity Exhibition.

Giorgia’s paintings can be seen here and on Instagram @gmadonno. She uses art also to facilitate change and transformation at individual, team, organization. Read more here. She is intensively involved in community art activities by collaborating with Artsolute.


Teh Chankerk

Advisory Board

Artist and entrepreneur, Chankerk was formerly the Chairman of Sentosa Artist Village and Co-founder of Impasto Art Junction. Now he is founder and director of My Art Space Singapore, a place where professional art workshops, junior fine art, family bonding workshops, artist residency, art appreciation sessions, and corporate team bonding events are held.


Ms Caroline Lim

Advisory Board

Caroline has worked for over 25 years in marketing communications. With Ogilvy, she worked in Singapore, then New York and Kuala Lumpur before returning to join with FCB (Foote, Cone & Belding). With Pepper, a German independent agency she relishes in her passion to develop B2B and B2C programs for clients that demand more accountability and results.  These  include brands that are diverse like HP, Royal Caribbean and Singtel to name a few.  At the same time, Caroline believes in giving back to society, particularly in ways that money cannot buy, like time. She has been a Board member/director of TheatreWorks, Singapore’s first professional theatre company for more than a decade. She is also Vice President of Girl Guides Singapore supporting the Cookie Project for more than 5 years. One of her probono causes is for the Singapore Cancer Society having worked on the Colorectal Cancer campaign for 5 years.  Given her experience, she has been able to guide and make a difference to charities with who she shares a common goal, understand what it takes to deliver programmes but may be lacking in the skills to give partners and sponsors the full benefit of their support.


Ms Audrey Wong

Advisory Board

Audrey was artistic co-director of The Substation from 2000 to 2010, and the first Nominated Member of Parliament to represent the arts and media sector. She has curated and organised festivals, exhibitions, theatre productions, artist programmes, and artist exchanges, and is now programme leader for the MA Arts and Cultural Management Programme at LASALLE.


Jodi Thiele

Advisory Board

Jodi trained professionally as an actor in Australia where she co-founded and ran the independent theatre company Studio Eleven for several years before discovering her passion for puppetry. Her passion for puppetry has taken her across South-East Asia where she has researched and studied its many forms. She has trained under puppet masters from Cambodia (Sovanna Phum), Malaysia (Goh Hui Ling) and Iran (Hammed Zahmatkesh) and continues to train in Asia.


She currently advises Artsolute as an Intercultural Artist where she uses her puppetry and intercultural communication skills to co-create community art projects across Asia, including Indonesia, Laos and the Philippines.

Check out Jodi's CV here

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