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Art for

Better People &
Better Communities

Artsolute was founded on the idea that art can pave the way for social solutions. (Find out more about why art is so powerful) Art sows the seeds of imagination, provides a safe, playful space for dialogue and rethinking, and therefore allows for the creation of better social solutions.


As the team began to create more opportunities for professional artists, we decided that the amateur arts were equally vital, to create more space and access for everyone to create, learn, and empathise with others. Our working spaces, therefore, include hospitals, schools, theatres, remote communities, disaster-stricken areas, and local communities. We believe in equal opportunities for everyone, especially those who need the means to personal development and wellbeing. Hence we look into providing opportunities for self- and co-expression for the young and old, regardless of language, cultures, and histories.

Two Men Shaking Hands

To do so, we created the “Hands for Hope" (What is “Hands for Hope”?) model that can be moulded and adapted any setting, with any community, by anyone and still be part of the steps towards making a sustainable impactful change. It is now at the heart of how we create programmes, project and teach. 

Volunteers Serving Food

Nevertheless, we at Artsolute believe there are working models available we can utilise, explore, and continue to try to understand.


Our work, therefore, is multi-modular, and our practices are run in conjunction with other tools and principles.

(Find out more about our Tools & Principles)


In return, we are dedicated to sharing our expertise so we may constantly learn from others.

(Check out all of our presentation and conferences here!)

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