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Arts for All

Whilst Artsolute is based in Singapore we believe that you have to create community to achieve lasting change. That is why we not only work on strengthening communities locally but with our neighbours in ASEAN also.


Artsolute continues to grow Singaporean Youth leaders and artists to help locally and throughout ASEAN. Artsolute has conducted programmes in all ASEAN member states as well as Japan, Hong Kong, China and Qatar.

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Locally and internationally Artsolute’s work has covered:

  • Education & Social-Emotional Development Programmes

  • Performances & Festivals 

  • Youth & Young People Development

  • Volunteer & Leadership Programmes

  • Psychosocial Intervention & Community Development Programmes

  • Art & Health Care Programme

  • Cultural Cohesion Programmes & Cultural Research and Development 

  • Consultation & Place-making


Check out our history of work here!


Artsolute is dedicated to sharing our expertise, share what we learn and constantly learn from others. 

Check out all of our presentation and conferences here!

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