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Artsolute seeks to collaborate with groups, associations and corporations in a variety of ways

Our goals include:


  • Developing out-of-class lessons for the changing world and region

  • Reconnecting Singapore's generations between pioneers, baby-boomers, and millennials

  • Creating effective and sustainable health and well-being programmes for Asia's ageing populations

  • Creating incubation platforms for up-and-coming professional artists in Singapore and Southeast Asia

  • Providing empathy and self-appreciation courses using the arts


Check out our list of previous partners here

and our list of previous projects here

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“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

We believe our society can do with less division and greater collaboration; less waste and produce for more synergistic, effective results. We believe that the new economy requires partners and networks for robust and healthy progress, as our planet grows smaller and our populations bigger.

Artsolute welcomes organisations and individuals to work as partners seeking social change and meaningful livelihoods. 

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