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ASEAN Creative Youth Network

ASEAN Youth Leadership and Arts 

An initiative to develop sustainable education programmes for vulnerable communities in ASEAN using the art of puppetry, a sustainable and indigenous form of education.

For ASEAN Youth age under 35 years old. 

Artsolute is growing the network!

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Bringing Arts to Hospitals

Artwards has trained and brought over 300 volunteers to engage over 3000 hospital patients and loved ones with the arts. Since 2013, it has been an ongoing programme that has run EVERY weekend since it’s inception. It has worked with the National University Hospital, St Luke’s Hospital, Simei Care Center and Yishun Community Hospital.



Artwards empowers volunteers to alleviate the loneliness and pain of patients through art workshops by creating a safe, imaginative space for patients to share their feelings, ideas and experiences through the arts.


We are currently excepting volunteers for the ongoing programme at Yishun Community Hospital (every Saturday)

There is no need to be good at art just a willingness to try.


If you are keen to volunteer, please


Pulau Ubin Heritage

For a greater Singapore

Singapore may be a new country but it’s history spans beyond 1965. Pulau Ubin, being one of the last traditional Kampongs in Singapore, is where you can see such history. 

We believe that every Singapore now and for generations to come should be able to experience and learn from the traditional lifestyle still on Ubin now.

That is why Artsolute is working hard to support the heritage and the community of Ubin using the arts and community projects.


Artsolute is currently seeking volunteers to support the development of a heritage house.

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Become an Artsolute Community Artist

Transform your skills

Interested in learning how to use your artist's skills for the greater good?

Artsolute is always on the lookout for artists who are keen to learn and engages artists for various projects and programmes.


If you’re an artist with a big heart and love for community… 

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Volunteer & Internships

There is a lot of work that has to happen before our programmes can even start.


Programme design, Research, Proposal writing, marketing.


If you would like to learn more about the non-profit and community sector or volunteer your skills please…

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